Saturday, June 7, 2008

the END

Havent been blogging for a while as ive been so busy with the final weeks of training.
The yoga classes have all been good. For the final class i was front and centre! One row back from the absolute front - right in front of Bikram. He taught a great class and i didnt get yelled at so i guess i did good.
The closing ceremony was boring. Couldnt wait to get my certificate and go EAT!
That night was a gong show. Never seen so many completely drunk retards before! They must have had fun ;-)
Just waiting to get home now. Cant bloody wait to figure shit out when i get back to ETown.
This is the last blog about TT Spring 2008


Tiger said...

Closing ceremony was boring? Wow, perhaps you mean "anticlimactic"?

Either way, would love to see you add your experiences to - the new social network for hot yoga fans, teachers, & directors. Think many would find inspiration (or at least reality) in your descriptions.

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