Saturday, June 7, 2008

the END

Havent been blogging for a while as ive been so busy with the final weeks of training.
The yoga classes have all been good. For the final class i was front and centre! One row back from the absolute front - right in front of Bikram. He taught a great class and i didnt get yelled at so i guess i did good.
The closing ceremony was boring. Couldnt wait to get my certificate and go EAT!
That night was a gong show. Never seen so many completely drunk retards before! They must have had fun ;-)
Just waiting to get home now. Cant bloody wait to figure shit out when i get back to ETown.
This is the last blog about TT Spring 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Semanes 6 y 7

Yeah, sorry that i havent been updating regularly. You know: busy, busy, busy.....
Weeks 6 and 7 were basically the same.
Staying up til 2 in the morning every night to study. Followed by kick ass dialogues and good classes.
No more troubles for Ol J Dawg!
Class is great. Even the tough ones are totally do-able for me. The dialogues just keep getting better and better! Like REALLY good. Not all in my head, either. Im getting compliments from teachers and trainers alike. My personality is coming out and im feeling more and more confident.
Mexico is still beautiful! Love it here. I must return. I gotta keep up with the Espagnol!
Week 8 tomorrow! WOOOOOOOO!
Hasta la vista mi amigos!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Semane Cinqo

Week 5!

Best week so far! By far!
Class is great. No more head spins or buzzing. Looks like i got out all those toxins last week.
My dialogue for standing seperate leg stretching head to knee pose was AWESOME!
I got congrats all around and then was told to come to the Abbotsford studio to teach! What a compliment that was. I wish i had it on video. Best so far.

Bikram caught me being lazy in class, but i choose to call it being smart. Gotta pace my energy or ill die out early. Whateva.
Maybe im tired cause ive been up til 2 most mornings, studying dialogue.
Been forced to watch the Bollywood production of "The Mahabrata." til 2, 3, and then 4 in the morning. I would be more interested in the movie if it wasnt so late. Its actually quite the endless, epic tale - despite its horrible production.
Friday night we stayed up til 4 and then did class at 8. I thought i would die but it turned out to be the best class of the week! Well, maybe 2nd best. Hard to say cause most classes this week have been strong and flexible. The epytome of the definition of ASANA: perfect stillness, breathing normal!


Semane Cuatro

Week 4

Yeah what a week!
My cold is starting to leave my head and lungs so the classes are getting easier. Apart from the fact that the headspins and electro-feeling is every class, all class long. It Starts with Eagle pose and continues all class. Seriously debilitating. Tunnel vision, echoes in my head, buzzing in my teeth and extremities. Class is really taking it's toll, but im all good.

ALL my dialogues are rocking out! They seem to improve with every one i do.
Still tough mentally but at least this week i've been able to sleep and eat.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Week 3 Days 2 -6

Woke up this morning feeling like i didnt want to do class but that is nothing new.....Dragged myself there to see Lisa from Las Vegas was teaching, which is cool because she is Judes buddy. What a tough class it was. Great dialogue, but for some reason I was absolutely tired. I could barley make it through any of the postures. The Yoga Truck sure is tiring. So i made it somehow all the way to the end and what an end it was. During first set of final breathing exrecise I all of a sudden felt really emotional.

Hmmmm..... Second set, more emotion, and then with the last breathe, I collapsed on the floor in tears, crying like a hysterical, hyperventilating baby. It was totally out of left field; didnt expect it at all. I was comforted by Laura (thank you) and it seemed to help. I lay on my back, but the tears kept coming. What a release. I was the last one to leave the room. You would think that the release would help my dialogue, but no. It was a disappointment. I have some pretty hardcore stagefright. Muddled my way through that day.Next days practice was good. No surprise there.

My dialogue delivery was the worst to date. Totally drew a blank. Fuck! I know my dialogue but just cant get it out. Class is getting weird; starting to feel buzzing in my arms, hands, and teeth!Fucked up dialogue again, so they made me re-do. Thank God this time was not so terrible. Class is still causing me to buzz with intense energy. Feels like im being electrocuted!Next few days are tough. Class is killing me. Visiting teachers are behaving like sadists.

Still feel weak and electrocuted.Thank God for Friday! Sat through boring posture clinic after posture clinic. I wanted to deliver my dialogue but im not about to fight people to get to the front. Class was amazing and tough on Friday eve. Sarah taught, she is quite good. She delivered the best news of the week to the Beatles song, All You Need Is Love.

The news was: no more posture clinic! YES! All sorts of people were crying with overjoy, including me.Saturday was sooooo nice! Beautiful day; got my Eagle Pose down pat and went to Costco. Bikram Yoga BBQ from 7 til 10!!!!!! What a feast!

Monday, April 21, 2008

semane tres

week 3, day 1

Yoga was good today. Still havent sat out yet, but i was feeling pretty tired all day. Probably because i didnt go to sleep until 3 this morn.
I was up all night studying my anatomy shit. Anything to avoid dialogue. I am really struggling with it. It goes in one ear and out the other. Damn it to heck for all the times that i checked my brain at the yoga door.
So the anatomy test this morning was easy. I would have got 50 out of 50, except that Dr. T decided to play a trick on question number 49. Which is ironically the score that i got on the test. Ive let it go and have dealt with the result. Too bad my dialogue isnt so easy for me. It is really stressing me out to watch all the people hammer out their back bending posture dialogue without any difficulty. I am about an inch away from having a bit of a meltdown. Who knows how big.
I didnt realise just how messed up i really am. The frustraion is bringing up all the other shit from my childhood and even shit from the army and my relationships. I dont want to meltdown because nobody really cares to experience it. Although the teacher trainers say that they are here for us, i already know that is bs.
Nobody likes to see a man cry. Even the granola-munching, armpit-haired, tree-hugging, new age ladies here, in reality, dont want to see me cry. I feel like i am alone and that everyone is against me - story of my life.
Im not able to concentrate on dialogue and im not one to issue excuses regarding why it appears that i havent studied and therefore dont give a shit.
Not the case. I just dont feel like explaining myself. What good would that do. Like i said: nobody really cares. Words of well-wishing are so easy to say.
Oddly enough, im not too emotional during class. Just a wee bit of anger. Okay, a lot. Anyways, its after class that i feel like i would like to hit my head against a wall in order to pass out, and not feel what im feeling. Frustration, sadness, whatever.
Stay tuned, i have a hunch that i might lose it this week.

semane dos

week 2.
sorry i havent been blogging as of late. so much going on really. still hammering out the yoga. got dr.t's anatomy class all week with a test on monday of wk3.
I went to class on Sunday, in support of a buddy who got issued a class for being late. it turned out that Christian was teaching and it was the best class of the entire week! so i was pretty pleased all around.
word out!