Saturday, May 10, 2008

Semane Cinqo

Week 5!

Best week so far! By far!
Class is great. No more head spins or buzzing. Looks like i got out all those toxins last week.
My dialogue for standing seperate leg stretching head to knee pose was AWESOME!
I got congrats all around and then was told to come to the Abbotsford studio to teach! What a compliment that was. I wish i had it on video. Best so far.

Bikram caught me being lazy in class, but i choose to call it being smart. Gotta pace my energy or ill die out early. Whateva.
Maybe im tired cause ive been up til 2 most mornings, studying dialogue.
Been forced to watch the Bollywood production of "The Mahabrata." til 2, 3, and then 4 in the morning. I would be more interested in the movie if it wasnt so late. Its actually quite the endless, epic tale - despite its horrible production.
Friday night we stayed up til 4 and then did class at 8. I thought i would die but it turned out to be the best class of the week! Well, maybe 2nd best. Hard to say cause most classes this week have been strong and flexible. The epytome of the definition of ASANA: perfect stillness, breathing normal!


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